The Second Half of Wonderland
you live in Portland???

I live in Eugene but it’s only like a 2 hour drive

okay I’ll admit Record Store Day is looking pretty appealing to me right now

FUCKIGN SLIPKNOT this recordstore day is crazy

is this fucking real??

is this fucking real??

okay i can get behind this tho?

okay i can get behind this tho?

here’s the thing about record store day:

they fucking rob you there

i can’t believe josh veal was here and i didn’t even know

today I went to Hot Topic and I know some Hot Topics have a music section and some don’t and at first I thought this one didn’t but then i noticed on the cashier counter they had like two small moving boxes full of records so I started going through it and

Hot Topic is so weird they had like a reissue of Bad Brains and Undertow by Tool but also Mayday Parade and Sleeping with Sirens? and like I get that’s kind of Hot Topics’ thing; they just sort of carry a tiny dumbed-down version of every “sub culture.” it’s still really weird tho

like they also had The Carter IV and 13 Chambers. i was laughing the whole time I was browsing through it and I think the employees thought i was being obnoxiously snooty about what they had in sock but it wasn’t like that i just think it’s funny that music is supposedly a big part of what that store is all about but it’s like zero critical thinking goes into what they decide to stock

it’s like everything in that store is in stock simply because it has the highest statistical probability of selling to any given sub-culture

and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that it’s just really goofy

Had no idea you were such a nerd it's cool though I can dig it

yeah, I mean. yeah.

pretty much everything I enjoy even if it’s not fundamentally nerdy I tend to appreciate it in a nerdy way.

Kiki took me to a horror movie the other night and I spent the entire time taking notes on it to reflect on afterwards.

my arms are stupid huge

my arms are stupid huge