The Second Half of Wonderland
I know people avoid doing these because they run the risk of people feeling left out, but this is a Really Big Post and I’m pretty sure I’ve included everyone I feel like I’ve ever had a Significant connection with and some other people who I just think are Really Cool. This isn’t some exclusive list of people who I think are better than anyone else, this is just my way of reaching out to say “Hey, I like you and I care about you.” or alternatively “You’re cool.”


It’s been so cool getting to be roommates with Sam. I never really feel like I need a break from hanging out with him. There’s always some stupid joke being flung back and forth between us every day and we talk about “stuff” and I’m just really lucky to have gotten to be roommates with two of my best friends.


Same thing about living with Sam applies to Nathan. I’ve been friends with Nathan for almost a decade? Probably longer than I’ve ever been friends with any other person and that pretty much speaks for itself.


I can’t believe I only just met Ryan less than 2 months ago. I love Ryan. I typically have such a hard time making friends or getting to know people, but I DIDN’T HAVE THAT PROBLEM with Ryan. We talked most of the day about video games and music and cool stuff and it was a really cool day for me because I had gotten pretty Down about having trouble meeting friends at college and then I came back to Washington and I met Ryan and Narin (who I’ll be GETTING TO IN A SEC) for the first time and it really helped me a lot with my anxiety.


Tim, get in the fucking robot. Tim I’m so thankful I met you. I can’t believe we only see each other once every couple months. Your friendship means so much to me. You saw me through so much even when I was a whinny bitch and never gave me a hard time about it and I appreciate that so much dude. I’m going to be your friend until the end man, I’m in this for the long haul.


Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn. KAITLYN. I HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU KAITLYN. I’m so glad you added me on myspace when you had little to no idea who I was. I’m so glad we went to Warped Tour with Nathan and Sam. I’m so glad that you asked me to be in your band and I’m so glad I said yes. You’re so smart and pleasant to be around. I miss you so much you live so far away, but I’m so happy because I know you’re studying something you care about and you’ve met so many new people and I’m so happy that you’re happy.


Narin I love that you send me funny texts now and then. Not very many people text me because I don’t text very many people and whenever I get a text from you it honestly makes me smile and I’m really glad we’re friends. You were so nice when we met and I really can’t wait to get to know you better. To reiterate what I said in Ryan’s post, meeting you and Ryan over break did so much for me. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety about making friends and you two were so easy to warm up to, it really helped me a lot. I’m not even trolling.


Matt you are the nicest guy. I’ve never known anyone to be as genuinely happy to see the happiness of others as you are. We would all be so blessed to have even a dozen more people like you. You’re cute as hell and I want you to know it.


Katie you are the only person I know who likes Fall Out Boy more than I do.


Juan you are a star. You a single-handedly responsible for any relevancy I have on this Dumb site, allowing me to meet dozens of really cool people, and you’ve been a really terrific friend throughout. You are capable of SO much passion, I wish I liked anything half as much as you liked movies. Also I apologize in advance about using such an old picture oh my god.


Remember when I saw you perform your stand-up live and I actually had to sit down on the floor because I was laughing so hard? You’re a really good guy and an even better friend. Everyone you know is insanely lucky to have you in their lives.


Oly I know how you are about compliments so I’ll make this as painless as possible. You’re probably the smartest person I know and me reconnecting with you through tumblr is the best thing that I ever got out of using this stupid site. I care about you so much. I care about you TOO much, and I’m sorry about that. See, that wasn’t so bad.


Kiki you are not a human. You are a celestial being that transcends the physical realm.


Lloyd is Spiderman.


Joey you are a great friend. You’re one of the like 3 people I text on a semi-regular basis. I’m so glad we became better friends in the past year or so. Some of the most fun I’ve had has been with you and I really miss you a lot. One of the hardest things about leaving Washington was saying bye to you.


You’re a really cool guy Tyler. You know so much about the things you love and the time you, Joey and I ever spent hanging out at school between classes or whatever was so much fun. I looked forward to that 1-2 hour period we had between classes every day and I miss you guys a lot.


Laura you’ve been a real friend and are one of the few people I know who goes into everything with the best intentions in mind. You’ve helped me grow so much as a person and I’m so glad that we’re friends.


Tyler is actually the funniest blogger on this site.


Joseph you are really cool. I didn’t know you were so musically talented, and now you have $5 of my dollars because of it. Congratulations!


Ben you are so chill.



Summer 2K12 we can make it last.


Taylor you are so talented and I always really enjoy the exchanges we share on this site, you’re really cool. Keep it real gurl.


Ian we played Yu-Gi-Oh that one time and it was really fun :)


Anna you are one rude dude. In a good way. I have a lot of respect for you. 


Nick I have so many sweet memories of you me and Kaitlyn hangin’ out, I’m so glad we kept the friendship goin’ over the net dude talking to you is always a pleasure. Also I love that picture of you so fucking much holy shit it’s perf.


Justin one day we will get to hang out and we’ll play fun video games and shitty video games but it’ll be fun anyway. I was so jealous when Oly got to meet you and Emilee, I’m still made about it >:T


I can’t believe I still haven’t met Vondell.


Mia you are really nice! You are nice and your photography is so good. I know we don’t know each other super well, but I love our back and forth and I always love seeing that you’re happy and stuff. Brightens my day. (/*u*)/

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